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10 Reasons why natural dog food is superior to kibble

Want to know the best way to make home made natural dog food? Look no further! Our easy recipes will have your pup licking his chops in no time.

Dogs are some of the most loyal creatures on the planet and one of the only living things to always love us more than they seem to love themselves. As pet parents and best friends to our canine companions, it’s our responsibility to ensure they are given the best dog nutrition the market has to offer. 

Though we could go on and on about the positive effects of feeding your dog a more natural diet, we’ve compiled our top ten reasons to make the switch from kibble to natural foods your dog will love. 

#1 Fend off illness and common health concerns 

One of the most difficult moments in being a pet parent is saying goodbye sooner than you were hoping for. Changing your dog’s food to freshly prepared meals is one of the most significant actions you can take to ensure your pup has the healthiest immune system possible. 

The proper dog nutrition consists of leafy, green, and yellow-orange vegetables, some pup-friendly fruits, and high levels of quality protein. These ingredients are packed with immune-boosting antioxidants that make sure our four-legged friends feel their best, but eating high-quality, fresh dog food can also diminish or eliminate problematic symptoms of common canine ailments. 

Rather than allow our furry friends to feel uncomfortable, ill or shorten their lifespan entirely, making the responsible choice to switch their food to something more natural can make them feel so much more healthy and happy. 

#2 Keep canine weight concerns under control 

A significant cause for concern with many dogs is maintaining a healthy weight. Too often, dogs are fed table scraps or allowed to freely munch on kibble at their leisure. 

When feeding canines a nutritionally conscious diet, we can combat many different things that cause our dogs to gain or lose weight. Whether your pup is dealing with digestive issues, being a picky eater, or needs to lose a pound or two, choosing a professionally prepared meal plan can drastically improve any weight issues fido might be facing. 

Most of the obesity cases recorded in canines are directly correlated to the way owners feed their dogs. Choosing the right anti-oxidant-rich, high-protein foods on a regular schedule will not only ensure our dogs maintain a healthy weight, but they’ll have far more energy to play and enjoy life after kicking the kibble. 

#3 Add more time to their biological clock 

The end result of one study showed canines served a freshly prepared natural dog food with the proper nutrition for their breed lived up to 13 years on average, where dogs on a commercial canned-food diet only survived until the age of 10.

Considering the human-rejected ingredients in many of the canned dog food and dry kibble, a diet comprised of commercial dog food is equivalent to eating all of your meals at a fast-food restaurant. To eat this way only breaks down the body over time and makes either human or canine feel sick and lethargic. 

#4 Fresh food keeps fido regular 

Just like humans, our canine friends need fiber-rich fruits and vegetables in their diet to keep their digestive system working smoothly. If dogs do not receive the proper amount of fiber and nutrients in their diet, their feces may not suitably express the anal glands to keep the area clean, healthy and free of infection. 

#5 Make bathroom trips more comfortable 

Nobody likes to feel constipated or deal with a bout of diarrhea, and the same goes for our dogs! To ensure our pups have more comfortable, smaller poops, simply add fresh, whole foods to their diet and ditch the carb-heavy kibble. 

#6 Provide a quality night’s rest 

A good night’s rest is imperative when improving the overall quality of life for our canine companions, and the best place to start is by providing a healthy diet of natural dog food.

At times, we may notice our pup fidgeting, sighing, or switching positions frequently when trying to rest. When this occurs while dogs are trying to sleep, it generally means they are experiencing some level of digestive upset. 

#7 Boosting brown power with nutrition 

Dogs are far more intelligent than many individuals give them credit for, but they display even more cognitive clarity when fed the right foods. Serving our pups antioxidant-packed foods with high-quality protein is the perfect way to encourage high levels of neurotrophic factors, which slow down the effects of cognitive decline in older dogs. 

#8 Like spa day in a bowl! 

When our dogs dine on commercially processed foods like canned concoctions and kibble, they don’t intake the proper amounts of healthy fats and oils that keep their skin and coats healthy. 

An itchy dog or one whose coat looks dull and dry is missing nutrients needed to stay healthy and comfortable. Switch to natural foods containing whole foods to ensure they’re taking in the correct micro and macro-nutrients for maintaining moisturized skin to fend off itching and a shiny, healthy coat our good girls and boys will love showing off at the dog park. 

Another reason our dogs get itchy is due to allergies from low-grade commercial ingredients. When providing a natural dog food diet, we control what ingredients go into our pup’s recipe to eliminate problem ingredients causing itchy skin and discomfort. 

#9 A higher energy level with faster recovery after vigorous play sessions 

If we thought our dogs had lots of energy on expensive, commercially-made kibble, then prepare for the inevitable spike in playfulness that comes with supplying a healthy diet rich with all the vitamins and nutrients nature intended.

When our pups have better protein in their systems and the fruits and veggies commercial food’s lack in ingredients list are introduced, we can expect higher endurance levels and stamina from our jogging buddies or athletic canines. 

#10 Ingredients worthy of the family table 

We wouldn’t use ingredients from the garbage to prepare meals for our loved ones, so why would we purchase commercial dog food made with human-rejected foods from factories and other production areas. 

Many commercial foods use protein derived from injured or ailing animals, or grains, and other ingredients that have been contaminated or sullied in a warehouse in one way or another. 

Choosing a freshly prepared diet eliminates the garbage and loads the pup’s bowl with antioxidant, nutrient-rich cuisine that enhances every area of our furry friend’s life. 

The most natural way to increase the health and wellness of our canine companions is to be diligent in choosing the best diet to support their individual needs. 

Whether our pups need to lose weight or do not have the energy they once did to play and enjoy their day-to-day activities, then a diet filled with the sort of ingredients they would devour in the wild can drastically improve nearly every aspect of their lives. 

There are many companies creating delicious and nutritious dog foods made specifically to improve the overall health and wellness of many different breeds. Search for your favorite company and let us know which of the natural food for dogs out there is your canine’s favorite cuisine!

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