Can my dog eat this?

Christmas foods that are toxic to dogs – a guide to natural dog food diet

Who doesn’t love Christmas, and everything that it represents? The delicious Christmas foods that we’ve been waiting for all year are not good for our furry friends compared to natural dog food. Some of our common Christmas foods are actually toxic dog foods, believe it or not.

I think that it’s important that we know what’s harmful to our dogs, so that we can avoid it, and NOT accidentally hurt our doggy friends. It’s Christmas time. We don’t want to have an unexpected vet trip, or lose our doggy because we didn’t know what foods were toxic.

 1. Chocolate 

I’m sure that you know by now that chocolate is extremely toxic for dogs. They shouldn’t have any amount of it, even if it’s small. The darker the chocolate is, the more toxic it actually is for your four legged babies. It’s terrible.

Since it’s Christmas time there will be chocolate abound everywhere. You need to make sure that your dog, or dogs, do not accidentally get into any. If so, you need to take your fur baby to the vet afterwards, so that they can induce vomiting.

 2. Raisins And grapes 

Did you know that raisins and grapes are toxic for your dogs? They can cause terrible kidney damage inside of your dogs. That’s absolutely terrible, and something that you definitely want to avoid. Nobody wants that to happen, and nobody wants their dog to spend their Christmas at the vet, probably in pain from the kidney damage.

This goes for fresh grapes too. They have the same consequences for your dog. Make sure you keep those pound cakes, or anything else that might contain grapes or raisins in them, away from your fur babies.

 3. Onions

Now, this might seem weird to be a topic, but think about it. We might not be eating raw onions for Christmas, but it is most definitely cooked into a lot of the dishes that will be made, and that we are going to be eating.

Fresh onion and garlic (garlic in large quantities) is just as bad as onion and garlic powders. They’re toxic to our dogs as well. I know a lot of people probably didn’t expect that, but it’s the truth. They can cause anemia and stomach issues within your dog, and that’s terrible. We want our animals to enjoy Christmas just as much as us!

 4. Bone that have been cooked 

Bones are an obvious no no, no matter what time of the year that it might be. I’m sure you know that, and know why. Incase you’re unsure of why though, cooked bones can cause choking, block/obstruct your dog’s gut, as well as cooked bones being able to splinter apart. It’s the worst thing that you can do for your animal.

Even though you might have an over abundance of cooked bones thanks to all of the Christmas cooking that you might be doing, please do NOT give any of them to your dogs.

 5. Fatty meats 

While cooking all of these delicious Christmas foods, you might think “Oh, let me cut the fat off, and feed it to my fur baby as a treat.” Don’t do this. Fatty meats are actually bad for your dogs, even though you might not think that it would be. You should avoid doing so. Feeding the dogs high fat meats can cause issues with their pancreas. You don’t want your best four legged friend having pancreatitis on Christmas, that’s no fun for either of you, but especially not for them.

 6. Xylitol 

Xylitol is an artificial sweetener that is found in some baked goods over the holidays. It’s pretty harmful and toxic for our fur babies though. If you know that something has been made with Xylitol, then you have to make sure your dog avoids it. It can cause liver damage, or extremely low blood sugar that can actually cause them to have seizures and die. Yes, it’s that serious.

 Now we know what to avoid 

Now that we know what needs to be avoided over Christmas, so that our dogs can stay healthy and safe. Let’s talk about what they can eat over the holidays. They are things that they can eat. Natural dog food is the best for our fur babies, obviously. Raw dog good food is great for our dogs. It’s the best for them.

 What’s good for our dogs to eat then? 

Natural dog food is the best option. Making our dog’s food is a great option to have, and do for them, as long as we know what we can make for them. Since it’s Christmas time I’m sure that everything on this list will be available for you to use and add to a dish, so that you can make your dog their very own Christmas dinner. How special they would feel, knowing that you love them that much. These are some things that you can use and add into their very own Christmas dinner:

  • Lean cooked meat.
  • Small pieces of carrots or apples cut up.
  • Green vegetables are usually a good healthy snack for them.
  • Plain boiled rice.

Now you know what you need to avoid giving your dog over Christmas, and making sure that they don’t get a hold of. Those foods on the list are toxic for dogs, and will send your fur baby to the vet during Christmas. Make their own holiday Christmas dinner just for them, so that way they can stay safe, and healthy too.

You got it?