Meatballs for puppies – homemade dog food recipe

If you were wondering, “What can I feed my puppy instead of canned dog food?”, we’ve got a delicious answer for you. Our homemade meatballs for dogs are a nutritious and easy-to-make dog food recipe that your furry friend will love. Made with ground turkey or ground chicken, almond flour, and other dog-friendly ingredients, these meatballs are a great source of lean protein to keep your dog happy and healthy. They can be prepared in larger batches and frozen for convenience. Watch your pup’s excitement as they devour these mini meatballs made just for them. Remember, it’s important to avoid giving your dog homemade food meant for humans, as some ingredients like onions can be toxic to dogs. Stick to these homemade meatballs for dogs to introduce new and tasty foods to your furry companion.

Here are some tips for successful meatballs for puppies. We recommend baking them in the oven and not giving them fresh. 

Tip No.1 

Use safe ingredients for your homemade food for puppies in the right dog food quantities for your dog’s weight and age. I use goat milk in these meatballs for puppies recipe because it is safe for dogs. You might be tempted to substitute the goat milk for cow milk. This is not recommended because some puppies are lactose intolerant and using cow’s milk might bloat their belly. Goat milk on the other hand is 100% safe. Also the breadcrumbs should not be seasoned but plain.

Tip No.2

Create uniform meatballs that will cook evenly in the oven. Once you mix the entire batch place it on a waxed sheet and roll it into a 12’’ X 8’’ square. Then cut the mixture into 48 little squares. Take each square into the palms of your hands and roll them into a ball.

homemade dog food recipe

• 2 lb (900g) lean ground beef

• 1 cup breadcrumbs such as Panko (plain)

• ½ cup goat milk

• 6 medium carrots (shredded finely)

• 2 tbsp coconut oil

• 2 large eggs (or 3 medium)

How to Prepare Meatball for Dogs?

Let’s dive into the step-by-step process of preparing these delicious and nutritious meatballs for our beloved pooches. This straightforward guide will ensure you have an easy time in the kitchen and end up with a dish that will have your dog wagging their tail in anticipation. Remember, the key to a successful recipe lies in following the steps accurately and using the right quantities of each ingredient. Here’s how to bring this wholesome homemade dog food recipe to life.

Step 1.

Pre-heat the oven to 400°F (200°C) or gasmark 6. Line a 18×26 baking pan with parchment paper and spray with cooking spray on top. Alternatively you can grease the paper with coconut oil or olive oil, both will work fine. 

Step 2. 

Wash and shred the carrots and whisk the eggs. 

Step 3.

Mix all ingredients until you get a uniform mixture. Divide the mixture into 48 meatballs. If desired use Tip No.2 described in our introduction to create evenly-sized meatballs that will bake well.

Place the meatballs in the prepared baking pan making sure you leave 1’’ of space between them.

Step 4. 

Bake the meatballs in the oven for 20 minutes. They should reach 160°F (70°C) inside when they’re done. If you don’t have a meat thermometer take one meatball out, cut it in half and make sure it is no longer pink inside.

Step 5.

Allow the meatballs to cool down for 15-20 minutes then feed them to your dog. 1 cup of meatballs (4 meatballs or 130 g) is good for a single serving of a 20 lb dog.

Step 6.

You can freeze this homemade dog food recipe, meatballs for puppies, by placing them in individual plastic containers with lids. 

The best part about these meatballs is that you can use them as pill pockets after they’re baked. To do this successfully cut the pill into ¼ and place each quarter inside a single meatball. If your vet recommended only ¼ of the pill to be given to the puppy, simply stick it inside the meatball and you’re good to go. The pup will eat the pill like a champ!

Natural Dog Food and Homemade Meatballs for Dogs

Feeding our dogs with homemade natural food like doggy meatballs, not only guarantees their enjoyment but also contributes significantly to their health. When you prepare homemade meatballs for dogs, you control the ingredients, ensuring your furry friend gets the best nutrition possible.

Ground chicken, for instance, is a superb lean protein source that can be the primary ingredient in your dog meatballs. Incorporating vegetables like shredded carrots or even sweet potato into the mix enhances the nutritional value of these treats. Rolled oats can also be used as a healthy filler. Preparing these mini meatballs is as simple as combining your ingredients, shaping them, and placing them on a baking sheet for cook time.

The delicious treat that results is worth the prep time. It’s important to remember that dog-friendly meatballs aren’t the same as regular meatballs. Ingredients harmful to dogs, such as onions and certain spices, should be avoided. As a result, the meatballs for dogs are not only good but also safe.

Homemade meatballs can also be adapted to your dog’s individual nutritional needs. If your dog requires extra fiber, a higher ratio of vegetables can be included in the recipes. On the other hand, if your dog is a more active breed, more ground chicken or other meat can be incorporated to increase the protein content.

In conclusion, DIY dog treats like homemade meatballs are a great way to ensure your dog’s health. They allow for flexibility in ingredients while being a delicious treat your dogs will love. Just remember to adjust the cooking time according to the size of your meatballs, and always cool them down before serving. When done right, homemade meatballs for dogs are more than just treats; they’re expressions of our love and care for our furry companions.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, our homemade meatball for dogs recipe is an excellent alternative to canned dog food, incorporating ground turkey or ground chicken and almond flour to create a healthy and delicious meal your dogs will love. Whether you’re making mini meatballs for smaller breeds or larger ones for big dogs, our recipe ensures your dog’s happiness by introducing new foods into their diet.

The key to this dog-friendly meatball recipe is in the preparation – from the use of a baking sheet to achieve uniform cooking, to the incorporation of safe ingredients such as almond flour. Dogs eat meatballs with joy, especially when they’re homemade meatballs for dogs, crafted with love and attention. So, the next time you’re wondering “What new food can I introduce to my dog?”, remember our dog meatball recipe. It’s more than just a meal; it’s a gesture of love that keeps our dogs happy and healthy.

homemade dog food recipe

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