Chicken, Rice and Blueberries Salad  Dogs – Homemade Dog Food Recipe

I know that most pet owners give their dogs canned or cooked food, but it would be a pleasant change to consider adding raw veggies to their diet. This chicken and rice salad will refresh your dog. It comes with shredded carrots, spinach, and some blueberries to give your pooch the most nutritious meal possible. 

Preparation is the key to this recipe

To make this meal, you will need to do some preparation. First, you will need to boil the chicken and rice. I recommend cooking them together to save some time and to give the rice a better taste. Do not add salt or spices because they are not good for your dog since their liver does not process food in the same way the human body does.

You will also need to shred the veggies because some dogs might refuse to eat them. I have seen dogs that go trough carrots like it is nothing, but some might not like them.

Do not be afraid to introduce blueberries to your dog, but I recommend doing it in small quantities. Health nutritionists consider blueberries as super food both for dogs and humans, and giving your dog just a bit will boost their immune system and improve the strength of their bones and the quality of their coat. 

I know it is easier to just give vitamin pills to your dog, but the real health comes from good quality food. So vitamins should be the supplements they were meant to be and not the main source of nutrients.

• 1 lb (500g) chicken breasts (cubed)

• 1 cup cooked rice (white, brown or jasmine)

• 3 cups water (tap is fine)

• 2 hard-boiled eggs (shredded) 

• 2 shredded carrots (raw)

• 2 cups chopped spinach (raw)

• ¼ cup blueberries


Step 1. 

Prepare the cooked ingredients first. Mix the chicken, rice and water in a saucepan. Bring to a light boil, then lower the heat and simmer with the lid on for 12 minutes. If using brown rice increase the cooking time to 16 minutes. After they are done, remove from heat and let them cool off. Use this time to prepare the rest of the ingredients.

Step 2.

Boil the eggs. Complete this step successfully by placing them in a medium pot and covering them with tap water. Bring the pot to boil, turn off the heat and cook them for 10 minutes. Remove from heat and dip them in cold water until they are cool and easy to handle. Peel them and shred them. Set aside.

Step 3.

Shred the carrots and chop the spinach. Keep these ingredients raw so your dog can receive the full nutritious benefits.

Step 4.

After everything is cooled off, place all the ingredients on the list in a large bowl, and then add the blueberries. Your chicken, rice and blueberries salad for dogs is ready. One cup of this meal is enough for a single serving for a 20 lb dog. 

Final Note – Food Substitutes

Chicken Substitute for Dogs

You can prepare this salad with any kind of meat and fish as long as they are cooked, allowed to cool down and chopped.

Carrot and Spinach Substitute for Dogs

If you do not have carrots and spinach at home, you can also use broccoli, kale, bell peppers, zucchini or Brussels sprouts for this meal.
Feel free to add some watermelon or raspberries to the mix.

Bon Appétit!